Sunday, March 28, 2010

KIA CLASSIC R3 Covered by SC Golf

SC Golf is proud to bring you the latest news from the fore front of the LPGA… On this occasion, we are covering the KIA CLASSIC. This event has been more than difficult to cover for the lack of abundance of information… Never-the-less, we still found enough to bring and keep you up to speed!

The winner of the KIA CLASSIC is the proud recipient of $255,000 for the first prize which would more than cover the down payment of a house or an exotic car. But, who has consistently been playing well in this tournament? Well, many young and talented women have… Seo, Kung, nd Hurst to name a few. This is, by no means, a close tournament nor does it seem to be in the final round.

SC Golf’s KIA CLASSIC R3 Leaderboard:

Hee Kyung Seo_-10_69_206
Candie Kung_-5_69_211
Shanshan Feng_-4_68_212
Michelle Wie_-4_73_212
Tamie Durdin_-3_71_213
Pat Hurst_-3_72_213
Vicky Hurst_-3_74_213
Teresa Lu_-3_70_213
Anna Nordqvist_-3_68_213
Na On Min_-3_73_213

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