Saturday, March 6, 2010

SC Golf: SC Golf’s gift certificates

Congratulations to Coastal Carolina University students and Kingston, NY native Jimmy Quigley! Monday morning SC Golf did the first drawing, two adult beverages and $5 off an appetizer of dessert, courtesy of the ASPEN GRILL. Quigley was initially attracted to Myrtle Beach for its warm weather, CCU’s PGM major and Horry County’s marvelous golf courses.


SC Golf: So Jimmy, where are you from?
Jimmy: Kingston, NY

SC Golf: What initially attracted you to the area?
Jimmy: That is an easy question. The warm weather, beautiful beaches, CCU’s PGM program, and the unbeatable golf courses in the area.

SC Golf: Jimmy, if you could play one golf course every day for FREE, which golf course would you choose?
Jimmy: Caledonia, no question!

SC Golf: What is the next course on your list?
Jimmy: I’m actually playing Prestwick today with my friend Alex. Neither of us have played that course yet and we are both excited. I will let you know how it is!

SC Golf: Who is your favorite golfer? In other words, who do you aspire to be?
Jimmy: NOT Tiger woods… well, I respect his ability but not his personality. Growing up I idolized Pain Stewart. I always thought that he never peaked.

SC Golf: What advice would you give any golfer?
Jimmy: Practice, Practice, and then Practice some more… if you are not practicing, you should be talking or thinking about it, golf that is.

SC Golf: What do you think about SC Golf?
Jimmy: I love it! I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you for starting SC Golf and for providing such premium services and products!

Thank you Jimmy for allowing SC Golf to interview you and for your perspective! I hope you enjoy the ASPEN GRILL!

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