Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lorena Ochoa say Goodbye to the LPGA

After nearly a decade of dominance on tour Lorena Ochoa, with tears in her eyes, announced her decision to retire from the LPGA. Last Friday Lorena Ochoa held a press conference in Mexico City to explain her decision.

It was obviously difficult for Loren Ochoa to bid farewell to a career in which she reigned supreme for three years, won two majors, took the title to 27 tour victories, and was honored for four straight years as the LPGA Tour’s Player of the Year!

Loren Ochoa had the following to say:

"I realized maybe I didn't have the necessary motivation and that I wanted to start a new life and come to Mexico and do different things with the foundation," she said. "I have achieved all I needed to achieve in sports. Now is time to change, I'm going to keep working very hard, but at home."

"Today begins a new stage," she said, her voice choking, her eyes misting. "Today is the most special day of my career. Every career has a beginning and an end. Ours has come."

In addition, she left us with this thought:
"What I am trying to say is that the door is open in a way," she said. "The opportunities may come to play one or two tournaments in two years or three years but not a full season. No."

Nevertheless, a full-blown return seems unlikely. Lorena Ochoa wants to raise a family — she was married in December to Aeromexico chief executive Andres Conesa — and run her charity foundation.

We applaud Lorena Ochoa for her contribution to charitable foundations, the LPGA, and the game of golf in general! As a result, we have decided to feature Lorena Ochoa as this week’s Lady Golfer of the Week.

Lorena Ochoa was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1981 and grew up near the Guadalajara Country Club. Ochoa played at the University of Arizona, has 27 tour victories, and $14.8 million in earnings. Ochoa ranked No.1, the last three years, has been player of the year four times and was presented with Mexico’s National Sports Award by Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2001.

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