Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lady Golfer of the Week (Laura Baugh)

Laura Baugh Lining up Her Shot © Tony Roberts/CORBIS October, 1977

True story: Today I decided to take on the arduous task of cleaning out the garage to include taking the recycling to the recycling center. While at the center I noticed a guy unloading a vast array of golf clubs. Obviously I am a fan of recycling; however, I am not usually one to go dumpster diving. Nevertheless, the idea of someone recycling golf clubs peeked my interest and I decided to see what was available. Immediately two woods, actually made of wood, caught my eye. When I got them home I cleaned them up and noticed that one of the woods, a three wood, had the name Laura Baugh printed on top of the club.

After doing a little research, I found out that Laura Zonetta Baugh is an American golfer who played the LPGA Tour for twenty five years and is a published writer and golf broadcaster. Despite being a world class golfer, and earning 71 top-10 finishes to include 10 runner-ups, she never won LPGA Tournament. In 1999 she wrote a tell all book titled "Out of the Rough" depicting her struggle with emotional issues and alcoholism. Laura had an amazing career and her struggle and triumph is truly an inspiration.

Did the three wood that I rescued today belong to Laura Baugh? Doubtful, but it is still a pretty cool club and a funny story to share.

Golfer Laura Baugh Swinging A Club © Bettmann/CORBIS June 07, 1974 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The picture above is Laura Baugh, age 19, during the second round of the LPGA Desert Inn Classic in 1974 swinging a club similar to the one I found today. She carded 36-37 for a par 73 with a two-day total of 140 for six under. Baugh shot a 35-36-71 for a fifth place birth going into the second day.

Apparently Laura Baugh's official website,, is no longer functional so I decided to attached a couple of cool links bellow to include an interesting interview that she did with Golf Digest.

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